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I know I said that I be posting other things but real life got in the way as usual so here's something that I never got around to posting.

This fills the "teammates" square in my genpromt bingo card (which I'm pretty sure is super late because I stopped existing outside of school for a while there). It exists in the AWKI 3.0 universe of my unfinished novel. In this world, powers are known about by the general public but not always accepted. 


Devi makes a compromise, gets mad and gets a hobby (not necessarily in that order). 


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 This has been the current project for the day (note: not all work was done today, a fair amount was done last week)

The "Viking Boat"
The "Viking Boat" waiting to be painted gold

Painting the eggs
Cutting windows and painting the insides blue

Final test egg
Completed test egg

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I have so many ornaments to finish and yet ... I finally feel like I can breath.
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 I've been out of sorts lately but I'm feeling super good about myself tonight because I was able to get my card template to work the first time! I'll try to post some more WIP pictures for real this time. Tonight's plan is to finish some character work and then do some comments on a friend's WIP novel first draft. 
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 ('cause theres's gonna be hell to pay, at the end of the day)

I couldn't resist the "Les Mis" reference as much as it doesn't fit. I don't have hell to pay at the end of this day. I finished everything that I was supposed to and I have a beautiful tart chilling in my refrigerator as I write this. Take that depression! 
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 I feel good about today. I've pretty much managed to stay positive and focus on doing things rather than just getting mad like yesterday. Probable reason for my bad mood yesterday )I feel like I got a lot done today. I sent in a volunteer application, wrote two cover letters, picked up my sister, got a form from the DMV, went to the library, made a therapy appointment and a couple other random productive things. 

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