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I know I said that I be posting other things but real life got in the way as usual so here's something that I never got around to posting.

This fills the "teammates" square in my genpromt bingo card (which I'm pretty sure is super late because I stopped existing outside of school for a while there). It exists in the AWKI 3.0 universe of my unfinished novel. In this world, powers are known about by the general public but not always accepted. 


Devi makes a compromise, gets mad and gets a hobby (not necessarily in that order). 


"Please at least consider practicing your powers once a week," says Grace. "I won't try to make you, but I think you'll find that not using your powers at all will only make them more unpredictable."

"This sucks," snaps Devi. 

Grace nods reasonably which makes Devi irrationally madder. 

"Why can't you inhibit my powers like you do with the little kids?" she asks trying not to give in to the urge to whine. 

"Your powers are very difficult to counteract," says Grace. She sounds tired Devi wonders what she's been doing. Her glamour is dropped and she looks like an exhausted 19 year old. "But even if I could, power inhibitors are a bandaid at best. At worst, they do more harm than good, like cauterizing a wound to stop it from bleeding only for it to get infected." 

"But I just want them gone," says Devi loosing the battle to stay calm. "I just want to be normal. How can I be expected to become a doctor when I turn into an energy-sucking black hole when I'm stressed. I don't know if you noticed, but being a doctor is pretty stressful!"

Devi takes a breath to say something else but groans a pain flashes behind her eyes. There is a crash as the bookshelf behind her cracks and begins to fall. The pain intensifies and Devi covers her face with her hands. 

The books never hit the ground. They freeze where they're falling with a loose gesture from Grace. 

"Grace, some guy was here to see you and he just passed out," shouts Jade. 

Devi moans.

"I'll be there in a moment Jade," says Grace sounding calm. "It was just a power incident. If you could grab someone to move him to the couch in the front room that would be great,"

"I didn't mean to do that," says Devi quietly. 

Grace nods. 

"I know," she says. "We'll figure it out but in the meantime, we need to come up with something that will work. 


Devi is struggling to stay awake, working on a problem set when she overhears the shouting. 

"But it's discrimination!"

"Sadly, the rules are clear, I can't do anything but try to change the policy."

"That's bull, she's a five year old girl!"

Devi pokes her head into the front room where Grace and a young man that Devi doesn't recognize are sitting. 

Grace notices her immediately.

"Sorry Devi," she says. "We can take this outside if we're distracting." 

"I'm just leaving," says the man. "I didn't mean to yell. I just get angry."

"Understandably," says Grace getting up to let the man out. "Once I get the ball rolling, I'll have you come look over any proposal Matt. I just wish I could do more." 

When Matt has left Devi follows Grace back into the kitchen.

"What were you talking about?" she asks.

"His daughter was thrown out of tee ball for an incident with her powers. He's mad that I can't do anything because the incident can be classified as dangerous."

"He's right, that's stupid," says Devi hotly. 

Grace nods. 

"I was thinking that we should start offering children's activities here but I don't know how I would handle it or find people to supervise them. I can barely stay on top of what we have and we'd still have to manage their powers."

Devi frowns but doesn't say anything. 


"Ash do you think I'm good with kids?" asks Devi.

Ash looks up from the omelet that she's making.

"What brought that on?" she asks. "Can you grab me the pepper?"

Devi takes the pepper from the table and fiddles with it thoughtfully. 

"Grace was just talking about trying to start activities for kids."

Ash nods. 

"She's wanted to do that for a while but you know how hard it can be with kids who have destructive powers and she wouldn't want to turn people away."

"Well, I was thinking," Devi says. "What if I was there? I can borrow a power if something gets out of control."

"Sounds like you've thought about this a lot," says Ash.

"I have," admits Devi. "I was just thinking Grace is always wanting me to practice my powers and this way i could use them to do something helpful. It feels better that way."

Ash nods.

"You should talk to her. Go tell the others breakfast is ready?"


Three weeks later finds Devi in the park down the street with nine kids between the ages of five and eight wearing a name-tag that reads "Coach" and under it in smaller letters "power channelling." 

A little girl with thick black hair whose name tag reads "Rosa" looks up at Devi questioningly.

"Are we allowed to use our powers?" she asks. 

Devi bites her lip for a second, then nods slowly.

"It's important to learn how to use your powers safely," she says. "That's why I'm here, to make sure that no one gets hurt."

A boy whose name tag is hidden behind a green sweatshirt that looks it must belong to an older sibling frowns. 

"So no one's going to tell us that we can't play anymore?" he asks.

Devi shakes her head. 

"This a team, you can't say, you can't play unless something is unsafe."

"But what if my powers are dangerous," lisps a quiet girl hiding behind another girl. 

"I think I know your daddy," says Devi which makes the girl perk up. "All of our powers can be dangerous if we don't control them. That's why it's so dangerous to never practice."

"But what if I hurt someone on the team?" asks the girl quietly. 

"What's your name?" asks Devi.


"Well Carla, having powers can be scary. I used to be scared of my powers to, sometimes I still am but the way I got less scared was by using them. It used to be that when I got mad, I would hurt people who tried to help me by accident but now, I know how to stop that from happening."

Her answer seems to satisfy the kids even if Carla still looks a bit unsure. When Devi smiles at her and is rewarded with a hesitant smile back.

"Okay," says Devi. "Let's play ball."

It's unclear exactly how old GRACE is but suffice it to say that she's close to fifty. She doesn't age because of a ritual gone wrong. She looks like a 19 year old when she's not glamoured. She runs a community center of sorts for people with powers and she is involved in legislation and politics surrounding regulation of powers. Her house serves as a foster home/shelter for people with powers as well. She can manipulate time and is a low level telepath. 

DEVI is about 15 in this story. She was raised in a cult and never knew her parents. She has mixed feelings about her powers and wants to become a normal doctor someday. Her power is channelling other peoples powers. 

JADE is living with Grace she has no powers but her little sister RUBY does. 

MATT is a single father who lives with his daughter CARLA and his mother. Matt's can manipulate heat that already exists. Carla can turn any energy into thermal energy. She got kicked out of tee ball because she caught the ball on fire. 

ASH is living with Grace and helps with running the community center especially with regards to counseling. She has a degree in Psychology and her power is empathy. 

ROSA can turn invisible

The boy in the green sweatshirt is JACE and he can transfer his pain to others by touching them 

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