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 I've been away for a while so here's a brief update, since December 2015 I've:
- passed Chemistry with an A (don't ask me how, I'm positive it was a miracle)
- declared a major (English Lit)
- gotten accepted to study abroad in England
- designed my first show professionally (as a costume designer)
- finished my sophomore year
- turned 21
- gotten a job at a food truck
- committed to doing an art show 
And that's just the highlights. 

Vietnamese coffee cake, I want to make this cake immediately enough said
I'm on and urban fantasy kick and I can't get enough of Mercy Thompson and Kate Daniels. Some of the English students at my school refuse to read (or at least admit they read) anything but Literary Fiction, but I have no such compunctions. I read enough lit at school, I can read about werewolves if I want to. If anyone has any recs, please share!!!
Speaking of "beach" novels (as my mum would call them), can I just say that Sarah Dessen really has stood the test of time well, her most recent book Saint Anything made me cry just last month and I've been reading her since I was 14
Namesake just keeps getting better
I discovered bullet journalling in the winter and I've been using a modified version ever since, here's my inspiration board on Pinterest
My family went to Disney World and I fell in love with these adorable dolls (my brother laughed at me but you are never to old for dolls in my humble opinion), Lilo is definitely my favorite
I want these shoes
Killjoys is just so good guys, last week there was a space ship inside of an astroid!!!

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