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 I ended up taking a break for the summer, mostly because I'm terrible at posting when I don't have a set schedule, but like homework and ill timed late night heart to hearts, it's September and I'm back!

A quick summary of the past three months or so:
  • Started volunteering at a birth center after a lengthy and confusing application process. I mostly file things and I'm unreasonably excited about it
  • Studied Russian very slowly, not feeling to great about it tbh
  • Fell in love with Killjoys because best friends and siblings kicking ass in space with great world building and supporting characters is pretty much all I could ask for (plus it was renewed for a second season today) 
  • Went to Maine with my family and shared the most uncomfortable futon I have ever slept on with my sister for three days
  • Went to my first comic con (as Kate Bishop/Hawkeye)

That pretty much sums it up


This website collects information and recipes on classic American food
How to make a hamster cage from a storage bin
Two Russian learning websites, one from UCLA and the other from a group in Russia
The Librarians (another favorite of mine) comes back in November
The Public Library in the Internet Age - a series by Michigan public radio 

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 I overestimated my ability to update regularly while moving. Oops. 

Crockpot French Onion Soup (dinner tonight)
Pulla recipe
Roasted Apricots 
German indie music ideas page one, and page two
Most popular baby names by year
Quote about questionable friendship

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 How is it that I tested out of nine skills in Spanish which I took for five years in elementary school but I couldn't test out of a single skill in French which I took for four years with straight As in high school?


Dec. 13th, 2014 02:21 pm
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 Today I have lots of cake recipes. I'm also working on pysanky for Christmas (and Hanukkah) gifts. Hopefully I'll add some picture later this week. Tonight I'm going to see the traditional nativity play at my old school. There's a potluck after so that's where all the cake comes in. 

Cake Links
"Smart" Cake is a cake that separates itself into three layers while baking
This condensed milk cake only has 5 ingredients and has translations in German and Arabic
This white sheet cake is what I made today with a few modifications (such as cinnamon) 
And I modified this quick "caramel" frosting to go with it
This amaretti cookie and raspberry cake is on my to bake list

Non-cake Links
I want to make this recipe for Black Russian Bagels 
I think this recipe for scones is where my left over cranberries will be going


Dec. 6th, 2014 11:28 am
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 Todays links are all about pysanky symbolism. I first learned how  to make these from a friend's Russian grandmother when I was very young. 

Wikipedia weighs in on pysanky 
Some basic symbols and colors
Zoomorphic symbols
Birds in pysanky
Color symbolism
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I'm really excited that I got my Etsy open after all of this time. I have some cards up right now and I'm hoping to get more stuff up by next week. We will see. 

Link to my Etsy

Link to Winterfaire hosted by Ysabetwordsmith (there are also links to other virtual indie holiday fairs up at the top of the post)


Dec. 1st, 2014 09:28 pm
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 So I have my period and I'm in a super weird mood and I can't really do handstand push ups like I want to right now so instead I'm making pie and thumb-nailing my children's book idea.

Pie Links:
Cranberry pie recipe that I really want to try
Pie focused Pinterest board (that is not mine) for inspiration 
Vinegar pie recipe
Gorgeous vine crust pie design
Tartlete shell instructions (in Italian)
Two lists of pie crust beautification tips, one on Buzzfeed and on It's Written on The Wall

Non Pie Links:
List of New England mammals 
'Sibley's' Guides website
List of places to get pysanky supplies in the USA

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 nanowrimo winners badge

I wrote 16,031 words today. It was pretty wild. I kind of want to call everyone that I know and tell them. But really I don't. 
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 I should really go to sleep.


Nov. 18th, 2014 04:22 pm
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 There is not enough caffeine in the world to get me through this conversation (I think I'm gonna throw up).
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 Today's links are mostly for holiday cookie recipes.

Most of the cookies I''m looking at right now are of German origin. I spent Christmas there two years ago and it had a huge impact. Cookies include spritzgebäck, lebkuchen and vanille kipferl in German and in English

Also Martha Stewarts chocolate fudge recipe

Two recipes for New Orleans pralines, one traditional and one in the microwave

A recipe for petit fours

And a list of advice for selling cards in brick and mortar shops

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 This has been the current project for the day (note: not all work was done today, a fair amount was done last week)

The "Viking Boat"
The "Viking Boat" waiting to be painted gold

Painting the eggs
Cutting windows and painting the insides blue

Final test egg
Completed test egg

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 This recipe for homemade phyllo dough because I like to do extra work when I'm anxious (if it's baking), it calms me down

This recipe for chocolate cake in an orange on a campfire, because why not really 

This photo of a reindeer because I'm using for reference on my last holiday card (did you know that reindeers' eyes change colors with the seasons apparently?!?)

NaNoWriMo Dashboard because it makes me feel better to see how far behind I am at all times? idk?

This recipe for cranberry nut bread (called cranberry nut farm in my family for reasons I have yet to discover) because my father isn't answering with our recipe and this one looks the closest (as opposed to one with orange juice, a vegan one with no nuts or the banana bread one my mum wants me to make)


Nov. 15th, 2014 07:42 pm
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 And I lied, I can't breathe again. Ah well, it was nice while it lasted. 
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I have so many ornaments to finish and yet ... I finally feel like I can breath.
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 I'm taking a break from watercoloring to update my links and jot down some names.

Cressida and Issoria 

More novel research, in this case a Pinterest board of Croatian sweets, soparnik (which is a Croatian stuffed flatbread) and tulumba (a type of Turkish donut)
A recipe for Leckerli which are a type of Swiss cookie

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 So I should totally be writing right now but I wanted to get my links done so that I could close some tabs.

So without further ado, What I'm Reading Today:

Humanae is a project by Brasilian Artist Angèlica Dass matching Pantone to skin tones in portraits. I'm using it as a reference for my skin tone studies in watercolor. 

I read a list of french onion soup recipes this morning and my favorites were french onion grilled cheese, french onion sticks and no stock french onion soup.

I'm referencing this post on Russian names for my novel.

I'm also watching this video of Yulia Lipnitskaya for inspiration on a watercolor I'm working on. 

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