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 I'm not really doing a great job of figuring this out so far but here's my dear creator letter which I pretty sure is not in the right spot (hey I'm trying :)) 
Dear PurimGifts Author
I'm going to start with things I don't go for just to get that out of the way. 

Things I don't like/find squicky: 
Character Death
Amputation/loss of limb
Soulmate AUs 
I prefer minimal shippy content 

Things I go for:
Familial relationships (SIBLINGS)
Found families
Unlikely friendships
Flawed characters doing their best

Specific Fandom Notes:

I love the core trio, especially the sibling relationships between John and Dutch, and John and D'av. I am also invested in the side characters and would love to see more of how they function as a community. I love to see Dutch being her usual amazing self, kicking ass, taking care of the boys and refusing to be put into a single box. 

I am a sucker for anything involving the female friendships between Team Arrow (or really any friendships between Team Arrow tbh) I especially like interactions between Felicity and Sara, and Felicity and Thea but I'm honestly up for anything mostly gen here.

Protector of the Small:
Kel is my warrior queen and I love to see her down in the muck getting shot done and standing up for people like she does. I also love her friendship with Neal and Merric because I think they are so unlikely but so close. Also Raoul mentoring Kel is my secret weakness. 

Literally anything about the four is something I'm here for as long as they aren't dating each other. 

Pacific Rim:
Mako and Raleigh (optionally with Yancy or Chuck), mostly just Mako being amazingly competent and Raleigh being bright and sweet and impressed her. The two of them as partners and equals, I just ... <3

Kara and Alex just being sisters is my kryptonite (see what I did there :) okay I'm bad, I'll stop)

Young Wizards:
There are so many amazing characters to work with and again, the friendships are so strong, I'm especially partial to Nita & Kit, Nita & Ronan and Dairine & pretty much anyone but especially Nita. 

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