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 Todays six sentences come from my wip novel AWKI 3.0

"I'll have her save something for you," says Ani carefully. They're skirting around something important, but she can't for the life of her figure out what it is. She's saved from having to think of something else to say by the arrival of Elena.

"Morning," says Ani. 

Elena nods at her and allows Seb to sweep her into an embrace. Ani let's her gaze linger on her kissing friends for just a second too long before she drags her eyes back to the skyline. It's hard when everybody seems to have somebody but her. 

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 Making Turkish Coffee without an ibrik 
Using stones as drop spindles
Apron dress (I'd love to make one of these)
Slouchy smock dress (free pattern)
Free Japanese craft web magazine
Free Nani IRO patterns 

I'm also doing my second micro-teaching lesson today. I'm really excited about my making Facebook profiles for Shakespeare characters activity. I hope it goes well. 


Dec. 6th, 2014 11:28 am
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 Todays links are all about pysanky symbolism. I first learned how  to make these from a friend's Russian grandmother when I was very young. 

Wikipedia weighs in on pysanky 
Some basic symbols and colors
Zoomorphic symbols
Birds in pysanky
Color symbolism


Dec. 1st, 2014 09:28 pm
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 So I have my period and I'm in a super weird mood and I can't really do handstand push ups like I want to right now so instead I'm making pie and thumb-nailing my children's book idea.

Pie Links:
Cranberry pie recipe that I really want to try
Pie focused Pinterest board (that is not mine) for inspiration 
Vinegar pie recipe
Gorgeous vine crust pie design
Tartlete shell instructions (in Italian)
Two lists of pie crust beautification tips, one on Buzzfeed and on It's Written on The Wall

Non Pie Links:
List of New England mammals 
'Sibley's' Guides website
List of places to get pysanky supplies in the USA

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