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 Today is Pi Day. As it happens, this is an extra special Pi Day because the date reads 3/14/15. As such, I'm making pie.

Appleberry pie from Jaimie Oliver 
Apple and mixed berry crumble
Apple and plum pie
Strawberry brown butter betty 

Other things
Essay writing contest for an inn in Maine 
Redesign of Marvel's Scarlett Witch by Belinda Morris 
Griddle Scones
Irish soda bread with walnuts 
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 I don't know how I got through life without this recipe for Maple Oatmeal Pie. It's a Vermont thing


Dec. 1st, 2014 09:28 pm
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 So I have my period and I'm in a super weird mood and I can't really do handstand push ups like I want to right now so instead I'm making pie and thumb-nailing my children's book idea.

Pie Links:
Cranberry pie recipe that I really want to try
Pie focused Pinterest board (that is not mine) for inspiration 
Vinegar pie recipe
Gorgeous vine crust pie design
Tartlete shell instructions (in Italian)
Two lists of pie crust beautification tips, one on Buzzfeed and on It's Written on The Wall

Non Pie Links:
List of New England mammals 
'Sibley's' Guides website
List of places to get pysanky supplies in the USA

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