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 I'm taking a break from watercoloring to update my links and jot down some names.

Cressida and Issoria 

More novel research, in this case a Pinterest board of Croatian sweets, soparnik (which is a Croatian stuffed flatbread) and tulumba (a type of Turkish donut)
A recipe for Leckerli which are a type of Swiss cookie

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 So I should totally be writing right now but I wanted to get my links done so that I could close some tabs.

So without further ado, What I'm Reading Today:

Humanae is a project by Brasilian Artist Angèlica Dass matching Pantone to skin tones in portraits. I'm using it as a reference for my skin tone studies in watercolor. 

I read a list of french onion soup recipes this morning and my favorites were french onion grilled cheese, french onion sticks and no stock french onion soup.

I'm referencing this post on Russian names for my novel.

I'm also watching this video of Yulia Lipnitskaya for inspiration on a watercolor I'm working on. 
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 Maple syrup donuts, don't mind if I do thank you very much

Maple syrup souffle, only two ingredients (!?!)

Price of private islands in Croatia, the things I research for my writing projects ... 

Vegan pumpkin pie, with agar agar (and maple syrup of course), and tofu, and cashew cream , and cornstarch with almond milk (it's for my mum)

The Bee and PuppyCat website, (I'M SO EXCITED!)

That's it for now

P.S. The gubernatorial race though (!?!) 


Nov. 4th, 2014 10:59 am
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 Maple poached eggs, yes please! (I followed the link from The Avengers Calendar by scifigrl47)

Wall petroglyphs in Croatia for my novel

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