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I wrote 16,031 words today. It was pretty wild. I kind of want to call everyone that I know and tell them. But really I don't. 
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 This recipe for homemade phyllo dough because I like to do extra work when I'm anxious (if it's baking), it calms me down

This recipe for chocolate cake in an orange on a campfire, because why not really 

This photo of a reindeer because I'm using for reference on my last holiday card (did you know that reindeers' eyes change colors with the seasons apparently?!?)

NaNoWriMo Dashboard because it makes me feel better to see how far behind I am at all times? idk?

This recipe for cranberry nut bread (called cranberry nut farm in my family for reasons I have yet to discover) because my father isn't answering with our recipe and this one looks the closest (as opposed to one with orange juice, a vegan one with no nuts or the banana bread one my mum wants me to make)

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