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Stand Still Stay Silent: Webcomic by Minna Sundburg 
Comic page tutorial also by Minna Sundburg 
Modern cities drawn like Tolkien's maps 
Open courses in A + P (anatomy and physiology) and biology 
100 medieval careers
Vegan ceviche 
Not sure if I also linked to my portfolio (which is very slowly being updated with both old and new work) but again won't hurt

(At some point I will do a post specifically about all the great webcomics that I read. I should probably also do one about books, because books) 

Freaking out:
I only have three more weeks of classes left! Also I got the job that I applied for, I got in the costume design for the fall (!?!) and I kinda have time to write again. Granted I'm terrified about declaring in the fall and not being able to make intermediate Russian but ... I don't know I feel like my life is going somewhere which is amazing. 

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I'm really excited that I got my Etsy open after all of this time. I have some cards up right now and I'm hoping to get more stuff up by next week. We will see. 

Link to my Etsy

Link to Winterfaire hosted by Ysabetwordsmith (there are also links to other virtual indie holiday fairs up at the top of the post)
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 This has been the current project for the day (note: not all work was done today, a fair amount was done last week)

The "Viking Boat"
The "Viking Boat" waiting to be painted gold

Painting the eggs
Cutting windows and painting the insides blue

Final test egg
Completed test egg

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 I've been experimenting with digital art lately ... so here's a sketch of a goat. Don't get too excited. 

goat sketch

In other news, I'm planning on coloring my Marvel Bang illustration tomorrow and that'll be uploaded next week to my Livejournal Also, eating jelly beans and reading comics (Black Widow and Ms Marvel in this case) on the subway are my new favorite things and I've discovered that eating protein is the easiest way to feel like a superhero (in this case also known as a semi-functional adult). 
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 Wait is that a WIP!?!

wip paper-cutting of grandfather frost
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 I've been out of sorts lately but I'm feeling super good about myself tonight because I was able to get my card template to work the first time! I'll try to post some more WIP pictures for real this time. Tonight's plan is to finish some character work and then do some comments on a friend's WIP novel first draft. 
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First place ribbon  Third place ribbon

Look who won some ribbons today!
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Things I'm reading today include:
A tart dough recipe
A clapping games link (followed from ysabetwordsmith's story "Up The Water Spout")
A google image search for frost

I'm also working on a new paper-cut sketch to work myself into the mindset to do cards. I haven't done any real paper-cutting since May so I'm a bit out of practice.
Work in progress paper-cut of a young scottish highland cow

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