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It's hell week and I'm too tired to say anything interesting.  

Cornmeal pound cake recipe
Bagel recipe
"Louisa's cake" recipe

This Week's Poem of the Week:
Approach of Winter
by William Carlos Williams
 The half-stripped trees
struck by a wind together,
bending all,
the leaves flutter drily
and refuse to let go
or driven like hail
stream bitterly out to one side
and fall
where the salvias, hard carmine,—
like no leaf that ever was—
edge the bare garden.

Last Week's Poem of the Week
by Carl Sandburg
There was a late autumn cricket,
And two smoldering mountain sunsets
Under the valley roads of her eyes.
There was a late autumn cricket,
A hangover of summer song,
Scraping a tune
Of the late night clocks of summer,
In the late winter night fireglow,
This in a circle of black velvet at her neck.
In pansy eyes a flash, a thin rim of white light, a beach bonfire
ten miles across dunes, a speck of a fool star in night's half
circle of velvet.
In the corner of the left arm a dimple, a mole, a forget-me-not,
and it fluttered a hummingbird wing, a blur in the honey-red
clover, in the honey-white buckwheat. 
From Smoke & Steel

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Because I'm not busy enough (mostly I need some form of distraction, read: life outside of school work) 

The Coming of Spring / Autumn Day-in-the-life Phobias Anhedonia (Lack of Pleasure) Illness
Liberation Fix-its Plays and Scripts The Heart of the Jungle / Forest Truth serums, Truth spells, and Truth drugs
Fear / Terror Biography / Autobiography Wild CardPoetry Relaxation
Scars It Wasn't Meant to Be Feudal Ties / Master and Servant Alternative Professions Crossover: TV shows and movies
Team Mates Desert Trauma Imprisonment Crime Lord

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 I'm nearly finished with second holiday card design but I'm taking a break this for the next couple of days to work on two other art projects (Christmas ornaments and my piece of Marvel Bang which I still need to color) and prepare for NaNoWriMo. I'm more determined than ever to finish this year but I don't want it to be at the expense of everything else. 

Links I'm Reading include:

Pacemaker which is a customizable target word count generator. I'm really excite because it allows me to schedule for writing more at the start of the month and less on the weekends. Plus it even lets me include a two day grace period. 

This Shel Silverstein poem because I'm trying to show my little brother that poetry can be fun

This blog post about electrolytic etching because I'm planning on trying it once the holiday rush blows over
A list of 15 "kid-requested" meals from Pillsbury because while I'm not usually much of a Pillsbury girl, it's my night to cook again and clueless vegetarian me whose favorite pre-vegetarian meal was calamari has a hard time pleasing the elementary schoolers of the home unless I'm making fried rice or desert. 

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