Sep. 6th, 2015 10:52 am
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 Links this week span a fair number of subjects. I'm a bit scattered at the moment as I gather my thoughts towards going back to school. 

Ursula K Le Guin on Writing (I really want that book)
Online paper snowflake maker
A soda farl recipe from Eat Like a Girl
101 Cookbooks healthy on the go breakfast ideas
3 ingredient cheesecake recipe
Printable journalling cards
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 I should really go to sleep.
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 Today's links are mostly for holiday cookie recipes.

Most of the cookies I''m looking at right now are of German origin. I spent Christmas there two years ago and it had a huge impact. Cookies include spritzgebäck, lebkuchen and vanille kipferl in German and in English

Also Martha Stewarts chocolate fudge recipe

Two recipes for New Orleans pralines, one traditional and one in the microwave

A recipe for petit fours

And a list of advice for selling cards in brick and mortar shops

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 Maple syrup donuts, don't mind if I do thank you very much

Maple syrup souffle, only two ingredients (!?!)

Price of private islands in Croatia, the things I research for my writing projects ... 

Vegan pumpkin pie, with agar agar (and maple syrup of course), and tofu, and cashew cream , and cornstarch with almond milk (it's for my mum)

The Bee and PuppyCat website, (I'M SO EXCITED!)

That's it for now

P.S. The gubernatorial race though (!?!) 

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