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 Today I did some work and then went to the harvest festival at my local co-op. It was very lovely and came with an abundance of free samples which is always a plus.

This week's poem is very short but it's, one of my favorites. 
In the Library
by Dorothea Grossman
The library always smells like this:
an ancient stew of vinegar and wood.
It’s autumn again,
and I can do anything.
©2008, Dorothea Grossman

Onform is a drawing exercise/game
Animated shorts that pay tribute to female pioneers of the field 
Playlist that I'm listening to right now (I'm really feeling the Eastern Canandian vibe having just returned from a short trip there) 
Recipes I want to try: Sweet and Savory 

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I can't concentrate on Psych tonight. I'm going to make myself write this paper at 9:20pm. I'm such a mess. 

Free basic Russian lessons

Beginning Russian textbook companion
UCLA Russian grammar
UCLA first year Russian
Russian "Wiki-textbook"

"A day in the life" blog in Russian 
Russian Sci-Fi
BBC Russian 

First year Chinese
MIT Chinese 
Mandarin "Wiki-textbook" with simplified characters and traditional characters

Light Gray Art Labs' call for art (I really shouldn't because I'm totally out of my depth and I'm super busy but I'm totally going to anyway)

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 So I should totally be writing right now but I wanted to get my links done so that I could close some tabs.

So without further ado, What I'm Reading Today:

Humanae is a project by Brasilian Artist Angèlica Dass matching Pantone to skin tones in portraits. I'm using it as a reference for my skin tone studies in watercolor. 

I read a list of french onion soup recipes this morning and my favorites were french onion grilled cheese, french onion sticks and no stock french onion soup.

I'm referencing this post on Russian names for my novel.

I'm also watching this video of Yulia Lipnitskaya for inspiration on a watercolor I'm working on. 
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 I'm nearly finished with second holiday card design but I'm taking a break this for the next couple of days to work on two other art projects (Christmas ornaments and my piece of Marvel Bang which I still need to color) and prepare for NaNoWriMo. I'm more determined than ever to finish this year but I don't want it to be at the expense of everything else. 

Links I'm Reading include:

Pacemaker which is a customizable target word count generator. I'm really excite because it allows me to schedule for writing more at the start of the month and less on the weekends. Plus it even lets me include a two day grace period. 

This Shel Silverstein poem because I'm trying to show my little brother that poetry can be fun

This blog post about electrolytic etching because I'm planning on trying it once the holiday rush blows over
A list of 15 "kid-requested" meals from Pillsbury because while I'm not usually much of a Pillsbury girl, it's my night to cook again and clueless vegetarian me whose favorite pre-vegetarian meal was calamari has a hard time pleasing the elementary schoolers of the home unless I'm making fried rice or desert. 

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 Seriously though, what was I thinking with this frost pattern?!? 

Maybe there'll be pictures tonight or tomorrow if everything works out. *crosses fingers*

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