May. 11th, 2015

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Nut free macarons
Quinoa spelt scone recipe from Le Pain Quotidien 
Honey cake recipe that I modified for my raspberry cornmeal cake (recipe to come) 
The Baking Bird "Baking" Pinterest board which I am reading for inspiration 
Winter citrus cakes with saffron honey syrup 
Swiss cinnamon crisps
Pistachio and kumquat pavlova (My mum thinks it's too fancy but I'd love to try it. I've been obsessed with kumquats since I first encountered them at three at the floral supply warehouse with my mum) 
Homemade Velveeta cheese recipe 
Cinnamon swirl coffee loaf
How to dry sourdough starter 
The cake recipe that serves as the base for my yellow cake recipe (mine to come) 
Anise Platzchen (German anise cookies) 

A collection of sketches done by Richard Johnson for the Washington Post 
Young Wizards updated (NME) version ebook "boxed set" 

I have a job interview which I got based on the merits of my dubious limerick writing skills. Last week's Sunday Six to follow either tonight or tomorrow along with the aforementioned recipes. I have one more paper to turn in before I can really relax. 

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